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Managing teams via Console


Ensure that your organization owner/administrator has completed the tenant setup, especially the Console section.

Everything in NAIS is focused around teams. In order to use NAIS, you need to be member of at least one team.

Managing teams is done via Console, which will be available for your tenant at https://console.<tenant-name>

To start with, you need to create a team on the "Teams" page.

Here you can create a new team, or manage existing teams.

Creating a team

A team needs an identifier (aka slug), and optionally a purpose (aka description). The identifier will be used either directly or in a derived form in all connected systems.


The identifier must match the regular expression ^(?=.{3,30}$)[a-z](-?[a-z0-9]+)+$

In plain text, it must:

  • contain only lowercase alphanumeric characters or hyphens
  • contain at least 3 characters and at most 30 characters
  • start with an alphabetic character
  • end with an alphanumeric character
  • not contain two hyphens in a row

When you create a team, you become the owner of that team.

Managing team members

Once a team has been created, owners can manage the team:

  • Update the team purpose
  • Add or remove members
  • Assign roles to team members (member or owner)

Changes are synced to all connected systems when updates are made.

Using a team

When you are a member of a team, you gain access to the team's:

  • namespace in Kubernetes
  • projects in GCP
  • GitHub team if GitHub integration is enabled
  • Azure AD group if Azure integration is enabled

Last update: March 13, 2023
Created: March 13, 2023