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Architectural overview

NaaS is a centralized system for governance of NAIS clusters and a uniform way of applying features. Its purpose is remaining a clear separation between tenants and their configuration whilst still remaining centralized control.

The nais organization

We want a clear separation between the administration of the clusters and the clusters themselves. Nais has a separate GCP organization to serve this purpose; this is where administrative users, configuration and control-plane components reside.

What is a GCP organization?

Tenant organization

A key design principle is to have separation in as many layers as possible. Each tenant has its own separate GCP organization. If a government agency wants to become a nais tenant, they will have to grant access give a designated service account in the nais organization access to a folder in their organization. In the tenant's organization, everything related to the nais platform is located in a dedicated folder, and this is the only folder in the tenant's organization where nais has any access.

Last update: November 29, 2023
Created: November 29, 2023